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Detectors, Testers and Meters


Voltage Indicators/Detectors
  • Analog or digital.
  • For Distribution (16 & 40 kV, extension resistor available for 80 kV) and Transmission (69-120kV, 69-161kV & 69-240kV) Systems.
  • Wireless version (208V-800kV) with range up to 30m. Range can be extended up to 1.5 km by means of repeater system.


Voltage Indicators/Detectors


Pole covers
  • Multi-range indicators (to verify live or de-energised condition of a system) between 69kV and 500kV.
  • Digital indicators for distribution and transmission (approximate phase-to-phase voltage reading): 1-40kV & 16-161kV.
  • Analog single-range voltage detector (4 kV -765 kV phase-to-phase)
  • Multi-range voltage detectors (between 240V & 500 kV phase-to-phase), for use with rubber gloves or universal hotstick

Pole cover


Energised Insulator Testers
  • A sensitive voltmeter measuring the difference in potential across each insulator in a string.
  • Places minimal load on the phase as it requires only a small leakage current to make a reading.


Hot Spot Detector
  • Measures surface temperature of energised contact surfaces (connectors, conductors, bus bars).
  • By comparison of several temperature readings, the meter determines whether each segment is properly carrying load currents.
  • Suitable for use on both overhead and underground electrical systems. Measurement range between -45º and 235ºC.


Energised Cable Sensor
  • Allows linesman to determine whether an underground cable is energised or de-energised..



Fault Locator
  • For underground distribution systems between 115V and 34,5kV.


Portable Hotstick Tester
  • Dry and wet testing.
  • Fully portable.
  • Detects leakage currents due to presence of surface contaminants.



Portable Hotstick Tester


Protective Grounding Set Tester
  • Checks the electrical resistance of protective grounding sets used by linesmen.
  • Powered by 120 V AC source, applies direct current across the ground undergoing testing.




Grounding set tester


Ladder Leakage Current Monitor
  • For barehand maintenance work. Allows leakage current across ladder to be measured prior to use.

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