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Tool Maintenance and Storage


Epoxiglas Cleaning Kit, consisting of
  • Moisture Eater II: Removes moisture, tar, dirt, grease, tree sap and metal rubbings without harming the Epoxiglas.
  • Abrasive Cleaning Pads: Used in conjunction with Moister Eater II to remove contamination embedded in scars and scuffs. Their used must be followed by application of Gloss Restorer. Also used to remove oxidation and surface corrosion from metal parts.
  • Gloss restorer: Clear, resistant coating that restores original gloss and protects against the absorption of moisture and contaminants.
  • Hotstick Wiping Cloths: Impregnated with silicone, they are used to remove dust and dirt and apply a thin protective film on the hotstick surface.


Epoxiglas Cleaning Kit


Pole covers
  • Multi-range indicators (to verify live or de-energised condition of a system) between 69kV and 500kV.
  • Digital indicators for distribution and transmission (approximate phase-to-phase voltage reading): 1-40kV & 16-161kV.
  • Analog single-range voltage detector (4 kV -765 kV phase-to-phase)
  • Multi-range voltage detectors (between 240V & 500 kV phase-to-phase), for use with rubber gloves or universal hotstick

Pole cover


Energised Insulator Testers
  • A sensitive voltmeter measuring the difference in potential across each insulator in a string.
  • Places minimal load on the phase as it requires only a small leakage current to make a reading.


Hot Spot Detector
  • Measures surface temperature of energised contact surfaces (connectors, conductors, bus bars).
  • By comparison of several temperature readings, the meter determines whether each segment is properly carrying load currents.
  • Suitable for use on both overhead and underground electrical systems. Measurement range between -45º and 235ºC.


Energised Cable Sensor
  • Allows linesman to determine whether an underground cable is energised or de-energised..



Fault Locator
  • For underground distribution systems between 115V and 34,5kV.


Portable Hotstick Tester
  • Dry and wet testing.
  • Fully portable.
  • Detects leakage currents due to presence of surface contaminants.



Portable Hotstick Tester


Protective Grounding Set Tester
  • Checks the electrical resistance of protective grounding sets used by linesmen.
  • Powered by 120 V AC source, applies direct current across the ground undergoing testing.




Grounding set tester


Ladder Leakage Current Monitor
  • For barehand maintenance work. Allows leakage current across ladder to be measured prior to use.

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