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Ladders & Platforms


Epoxiglass Ladders

Epoxiglass Ladders

  • Used for multiple applications in high voltage maintenance to position linesmen in the most advantageous working position
  • Two styles available: regular-duty ladders (5 cm dia. rails) and heavy-duty (6.,25cm dia. rails), with overall length varying between 2.4m and 6m

Spliced Ladders

  • Available in combinations of up to 9.6m, with 6.25 cm dia. rails
  • Sections joined with Chance rigid ladder splice (2 eye pins in each rail with klik pin at end of each)

Epoxiglas Insulated Platforms
Epoxiglas Insulated Platforms

  • Two 5cm diameter epoxiglas poles provide 30cm of clear insulation between the platform and the mounting bracket
  • Available with fixed mount and pivot mount (swivels on horizontal plane)


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