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Jumpers & Load Pickup Tools


Insulated Jumper Clamps

Insulated Jumper Clamps

  • 15 kV-300A, 25kV-400A & 35kV-400A

Lockable Insulated Jumper Clamps

Lockable Insulated Jumper Clamps

  • Feature a ratchet-type locking mechanism guaranteed not to loosen once installed on a line
  • Available in orange type II rubber or clear plastic


Insulated Jumper Cable

  • Made of fine stranded conductor with semiconducting shield and lightweight orange rubber jacket resistant to oil, ozone, heat moisture and abrasion
  • For 15kV, 25kV & 35kV phase-to-phase

Cable-end Ferrules
Cable-end Ferrules

  • Shrouded ferrules (compressed on both the conductor and the jacket to reduce bending stress) for use on glove-installed jumpers
  • Unshrouded ferrules (crimped on conductor only) for used on either stick-installed or glove-installed jumpers.


Ready-assembled Jumper sets

  • A range of standard-length jumper sets is available for 15kV, 25kV or 35kV phase-to phase applications, with clamps for hotstick application
  • Jumper sets custom-made to meet client specifications are also available


Insulated Hanger

  • Used to “park” jumper or grounding clamps during installation on lines up to 34.5 kV
  • Various models available with overall length between 1.8m and 3.0m

Load Pickup Sets
Load Pickup Sets

  • Ready assembled, for 15kV systems

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