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Strain Link Stick

Strain Link Stick

  • Mainly used on dead-end poles as insulation between rope blocks and a wire grip
  • Available in different pole diameters, for maximum working load rates of 1,500kg to 3.000 kg, and overall lengths between 1.0m and 3.8m

Spiral Link Stick

  • Used instead strain link sticks in close spaces where a linesman cannot safely install a strain link stick by hand
  • A lifting eye on the head ferrule enables the lineman to guide the Spiral Link Stick to the conductor with a hotstick
  • Pole diameter: 32mm; overall length: 70cm or 146 cm


Roller Link Stick

  • Used to spread and hold conductors aside at mid span
  • Also used for measuring conductor-ground clearance in conjunction with measuring tape or rope
  • Pole diameter: 32mm; overall length: 147cm or 208 cm

Two-pole Strain Carriers
Two-pole Strain Carriers

  • Relieve strain from an insulator string to allow their removal from energised lines
  • Also available as separate components


Strain-carrier Yokes
Strain-carrier Yokes

  • Fabricated of high strength aluminium plate, with 66cm width between the centre of the adjustable strain poles used with them
  • Maximum load rating: 6,800kg per insulator string


Insulator Cradles
Insulator Cradles

  • Used to support the insulator string while replacing damaged insulators or to pivot the string so it may be removed and lowered to the ground
  • Various models available with overall length between 1.8m and 3.0m

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