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Insulated Hand Tools - Hotsticks

The basic element in these tools is the Epoxiglas insulating pole. They are manufactured in standard lengths, but can be supplied in other lengths upon request.


  • Poly-dacron:Used to installing hotline and grounding clamps as well as other applications (with various end fittings). Available in one-piece (1.3-3.8m), hinged (2.0-5.0m) or telescoping style (2.4-4.3m).



  • Wire-holding Stick: Used for forming, bending and positioning jumper wires and for holding conductors during splicing operations (Length:1.8m-2.5m).

Wire-holding Stick




  • Telescoping Measuring/Disconnect Tools: (Length: 2.4-10.7m)


  • Tie Sticks: Available with a variety of heads (rotary prong, two-prong or rotary blade) (Length: 2.5m approx).
Tie Sticks


  • All-Angle Cog Wrench(Length: 1.8-3.0m)



  • Flexible Insulated Wrench Used for tightening nuts on hardware fittings. (Length: 1.8-2.5m)


  • Universal Pole: With splined head for fitting universal tools. Spline allow angling universal tool up to 90º. Available in one-piece, hinged or spliced style (Length:1.20-4.3m).
Universal Pole


  • Universal Tools: Over 75 different tools can be fitted to splined head of a universal pole for various maintenance jobs (insulator change-out, tie wire/cotter pin installation and removal, pruning, tightening hardware fittings, etc).
Universal Tools

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