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Conductive Clothing and Footwear

Conductive Suit:
  • For barehand work up to 765kV. Two-piece suit made of a mixture of flame-resistant fibre and microscopic stainless steel fibre.
  • Hydrophobic treatment.
  • Strong, tear-resistant material.
  • Meets or exceeds IEC specifications on conductive clothing.
Conductive Suit


Static Belt:
  • Minimises static discomfort when working near energised lines.
  • Manufactured with same material as conductive clothing.
  • Buckled around waist, with 2m lead for attaching to steel structure


Conductive Bolts:
  • Top quality, high-oil content leather.
  • Water resistant, flexible, with steel toe protection.
  • High quality seams and neoprene welt to prevent cracking.
  • Electrical resistance under 10.000 ohms between top of leg strap and heel of boot.
Static Belt

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