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Glove and Sleeve Accessories
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  • Leather Protector Gloves

  • Provide mechanical protection against, cuts, abrasions or punctures. Steamed pressed on curved hand forms to ensure proper fit over rubber gloves (ill-fitting off-the shelf working gloves may damage rubber gloves)). Equipped with non-metal buckle on pull strap.


Leather Protector Gloves


  • Glove liners

  • Make wearing insulating rubber gloves more comfortable. Provide warmth in the cold season and absorb perspiration in the hot season. All glove liners are made from stretch fabric that fits any hand size.



Glove liners


  • Sleeve Harnesses

  • Fasten to the top part of the sleeves to hold them in place. One harness is required for each pair of sleeves. Available in a single style that fits all sizes.




Sleeve Harnesses


  • Sleeve Buttons

  • Used to fasten sleeves to the harness. Available in two-piece or one-piece styles. Four buttons are required for each pair of sleeves.


Sleeve Buttons


  • Glove Inflators

  • The portable inflator is the most suited to daily field inspection prior to starting work. For test lab or service use, compressed air or manual pump tabletop inflators are available.


Glove Inflators


  • Glove and Sleeve Storage

  • Heavy duty canvas bags ensure protection and extended service life. Store right-size gloves and only one pair per bag. Double glove bags available for storing rubber gloves together with leather protectors. Sleeve bags feature a D ring for hanging in truck or from work belt.



Glove and Sleeve Storage


  • Special Products for Glove Use

  • Glove care products (rubber product cleaner, glove dust to absorb moisture, hand degreaser, hand-cleaning towels, sunscreen, etc.) specifically formulated with non-petroleum-based substances to prevent damage to rubber gloves.


Special Products for Glove Use

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