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Insulating Rubber Sleeves
Products with marking

Available in various dielectric strengths, from Class 0 (1kV) up to Class 4 (36kV maximum use voltage), with colour-coded labelling for ease of identification.

Insulating Rubber Sleeves
Natural rubber sleeves, manufactured by form dipping
Manufactured by dipping porcelain forms into liquid rubber, drying and repeating the process as many times as required to achieve the desired thickness and hence dielectric strength. This process ensures the highest quality, flexibility and service life of the sleeve. Available in three styles: straight, curved and extra curved styles. Sizes available for all voltage classes are R(regular), L (large) XL (extra large), and various colour combinations.

Synthetic rubber sleeves, compression or injection moulded
provide the same high quality and electrical protection as natural rubber, with the added benefit of being resistant to ozone and ultraviolet radiation. Available in curved style only and in sizes R & L (size XL only for Class 2), available in various colours

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