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Truck-mounted or Trailer-mounted Insulator Washers for Substations

Translink Washers
  • Available as integrated skid-mounted unit for installation on chassis or truck flatbed, or trailer mount
  • Water tank capacity ranging from 2,000 to 18,000 litres (6,500 and 4,500 supplied as standard)
  • Four-stage high-pressure centrifugal pump with outboard ball bearing, balanced impellers and replacement wear rings
  • Pump equipped with constant by-pass circuit for water circulation and pump shock protection when trigger is released
  • High-pressure lines to hose reels equipped with 2 shut-off valves and pressure gauge
  • Instruments include high pressure water gauge, tachometer and hours run meter, constant conductivity monitor and set points, constant water flow indicator
  • Throttle can be manually pre-set to the desired speed to obtain recommended water pressures
  • One or two mechanical rewind hose reels with 50m of high-pressure hose with quick release couplings
  • Electrical rewind reels available as an option
  • Hose rollers available as an option


Wash Guns

  • Stainless steel
  • 'Dead man' trigger control
  • Quick-release couplings
  • Flow straightener
  • ¼” nozzle supplied as standard, 5/16” nozzle available for high-wind conditions

Conductivity Meter


Separate portable meter with dip probe used to check water quality at source, if necessary, prior to filling the water tank.

  • Separate portable meter with dip probe used to check water quality at source prior to filling the water tank

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