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Platform Tool Carrying Systems


Tool trays

Tool Carrying Systems 2 Tool Carrying Systems 1 Tool trays 1
Tool Carrying Systems Tool trays
  • Continuous Unrestricted Rotation
  • 24” x 30” x 42” One-Person End Mounted Platform
  • Control-PlusIndividual Lever Upper Controls
  • Two Speed Throttle Control At Upper Controls
  • Category “C” Rating Per ANSI A92.2
  • Positive Leveling Using A Master/Slave Cylinder System
  • Full Pressure Open-Center Hydraulic System
  • 20 Gallon Hydraulic Oil Reservoir Inside Pedestal
  • Safety Harness With Attached Lanyard
  • Emergency Hydraulic Stop At Upper Controls
  • Emergency Hydraulic Stop At Upper Controls
  • Padded Boom And Platform Rest
  • Finish Painted
  • Boom Interlock
  • Moving Outrigger Alarm

Chainsaw Scabbards

Chainsaw Scabbards
  • Available in fibreglass or plastic (40% lighter)
  • Rugged bracket designed to fit most platform rims
  • Designed to hold most standard chainsaws

Long-reach Chainsaw Holder

Chainsaw Holder
  • Made from a specially formulated  polyethylene that is lightweight, durable, and resistant to UV radiation, outdoor weather conditions and hydraulic oil
  • Mounts on aerial device boom, eliminating work area interference when not in use
  • Mounted on boom using a ratchet to ensure a secure grip

Hotstick Hanging Rail/Tool Holder

Hotstick Hanging Rail Tool Holder
  • Made from rugged polyethylene and FRP,  resistant to UV radiation, outdoor weather conditions, motor oil and  hydraulic oil
  • Rigid ¾” dia. fibreglass rod allows quick hanging and retrieval of several hotsticks, cutters and other tools
  • Can be fitted hanging on either the outside or the inside of the platform



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