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Kobbeco Insulated Aerial device

Kobbeco Insulated Aerial Device Maintenance and Repair Services

Kobbeco performs periodic (annual) maintenance of insulated aerial devices as per manufacturers instructions , both at our own premises and at the client site. Once the periodic maintenance is complete , the necessary dielectric testing is carried out (pls see here for further information).


When a client has a breakdown, in many cases the first step is to carry out a diagnostics analysis over the phone, in which the client is asked to carry out different checks. If the source of the failure cannot be diagnosed and solved remotely, Kobbeco's mobile unit is equipped with components/spare parts to travel to the necessary point and perform the required diagnostics / emergency repair work. Additionally repair work can be carried out at our premises.


Kobbeco personnel have received specific training from Terex Utilities to carry out maintenance and repair work as per manufacturer's recommendations. For further information please click here .


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