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The brand, which was born as Fairmont Hydraulics and subsequently became the Fairmont Division of Greenlee Textron in 1992, is widely renowned as the world’s leading manufacturer of hydraulically driven specialist tools and accessories. The hydraulic drive system is more efficient, more powerful and much more silent than pneumatic drive equivalents.

Major users of Fairmont products include electrical industry, utilities, transport and maintenance, farming and construction companies.

Fairmont productsFor Hotline Work crews, these tools, powered by the insulated oil from an aerial device’s hydraulic circuit, provide the following advantages:
  • A safe power source, fully insulated from ground potential.
  • No need to recharge batteries.
  • Low maintenance, since the tools self-lubricate with the hydraulic oil powering them.
  • Capable of operating on both open centre and closed centre aerial device hydraulic circuits.

Hydraulic tools with useful applications in Hotline Work include: long-reach pruning saws (chainsaw and circular saw), hydraulic pole pruner, impact wrench and drill, variable speed reversible wrench and drill, and dieless crimping tools.

Other highly popular tools in the utility industry include submersible water pumps, hydraulic concrete breakers and circular saws, pole tampers, and pole and signpost pullers.

Fairmont supplies a comprehensive range of fitting accessories, pressure intensifiers and control valves required to operate its tools.


Kobbeco is the only authorized distributor of Fairmont products for the territory of Spain. Click here to view Fairmont’s authorisation to Kobbeco

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