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Dow Corning Coatings

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Dow Corning was established in 1943 specifically to explore the potential of silicones. It was created as a joint venture between Corning Glass Works (now Corning, Incorporated) and The Dow Chemical Company. Today it is the world’s leading producer of silicone products, with 36% of global installed capacity. It offers more than 7,000 products and services, serving the needs of more than 25,000 customers in countless industries throughout the world. Kobbeco SA is the distributor for Spain of Dow Corning’s high voltage insulator coating products.

High voltage insulator coatings enhance performance and extend the service life of insulators in problematic locations exposed to saline, industrial or agricultural contaminants. Sylgard HVIC+ is a new-generation RTV (room-temperature vulcanising) silicone coating that effectively prevents flashovers and tracking on insulators exposed to high levels of contamination and/or saline humidity, providing maintenance-free protection for around 10 years (depending on the specific environmental conditions. In addition to ensuring “headache-free” operation, it provides highly superior cost-effectiveness when compared with traditional silicone grease coatings.

For detailed information about insulator coating products on this website, visit:

- Sylgard HVIC
- Dow Corning HVIC (high voltage insulator coating)

Kobbeco is the only authorized distributor for Sylgard and silicone for the territory of Spain and Portugal.

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