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CarbonX is a brand of Chapman Innovations.

Chapman Innovations was founded in the late 1990s by Mike Chapman in his desire to desire to create a fabric capable of protecting his friends and colleagues in the motor racing industry from the risk of burn injury or death due to fire. This led to the development of a fabric that was inherently non-flammable, that would not burn, melt or ignite when exposed to direct flame, was impervious to molten metal splash and had exceptional electrical resistance.

CarbonX products The new textile was launched into the market under the brand name CarbonX® in 1999. Thanks to their outstanding level of protection against fire, arc flash and molten metal, Carbon X products protect people working in hazardous environments, including electrical utilities, industry, firefighting, motor sports and other sectors.

CarbonX fabrics are based on patended blends of high-performance fibres that will not ignite, burn, char, shrink or significantly decompose when exposed to intense flame, molten metal, arc flash or high heat. Even after intense exposure, CarbonX maintains its integrity and continues to protect.

CarbonX fabric never shrinks, cracks or chars when subjected to extreme heat. It never ignites, - even when exposed to direct flames – and transfers heat very slowly compared with other fire-resistant fabrics.

Kobbeco is the exclusive distributor for Carbon X for the territory of Spain.

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