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Candidates for live-line specialist training should be disciplined, emotionally balanced, willing to learn and in good physical condition. Trainees are required to undergo a thorough medical examination prior to following a training programme specifically designed for Hotstick, Rubber-Glove or Bare-Hand work.

The ideal candidate should have prior work experience as a linesman, average academic capabilities and a suitable temperament (disciplined, patient, methodical, etc.). In addition to being in a good enough physical condition to withstand the rigours of outdoor work, a live-line specialist should have good eyesight, good hearing and above-average manual dexterity.

Kobbeco organises Hotstick, Glove-Work and Bare-Hand training programmes, consisting of classroom and field training specifically tailored to each client’s individual needs, imparted either in English or in Spanish.

Companies planning to hold a live-line training course should arrange to have all the necessary live line tools and equipment available at their facilities in order to carry out the field training.

For further information, contact us at contacto@kobbeco.com.

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