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Cover-up Equipment


  • Rigid Conductor and Insulator Covers: Prevent linesmen from making accidental contact with energised parts or equipment. Intended for temporary use. Installed with gloves or equipped with hotstick application eyes. The different covers mate together, offering a versatile system of covering up a wide variety of configurations. Voltage rating up to 36kV phase-to-phase

Rigid Conductor and Insulator Covers


  • Pole covers: Made of high-dielectric linear polyethylene material that does not flash flame. Between 15cm and 30 cm in diameter and 0.3m-6.0m long. The 1.2m and 1.8m covers can be joined together by means of a nylon button. Voltage rating 36 kV phase-to-phase. Voltage rating up to 72.5 kV phase-to-phase



  • Spiral Conductor Covers: Fitted with retractable Epoxiglas handle for installation from bucket, or alternatively with Grip-all adapter. Interlock with each other to form a chain. Overall length: 135 cm


  • Flexible Conductor Covers (line hose): Long lip provides flashover distance for use on systems up to 36 kV phase-to-phase. Lightweight, can be joined together by means of coupler. Can be cut to shorter sections to fit taps, jumpers etc. Applicator tool available for installation with Grip-all stick
Flexible Conductor Covers


  • Flexible Insulator Covers: Also made from weather-resistant orange Type II rubber with Class 2 and Class 3 insulation rating. Used in combination with line hose to cover pin-type insulators. Ribbed on the inside to lock the underside of the insulators
Flexible Insulator Covers



  • Flexible Dead-end Covers: Made from weather-resistant orange Type II rubber with Class 2 and Class 3 insulation rating. Suitable for covering 11cm or 15 cm diameter bells or polymer insulators with a skirt diameter up to 15cm. Also suitable to cover transformer bushings up to 12cm diameter. Secured around dead-end insulators by means of straps with hook and pile fastening system

Flexible Dead-end Covers


Flexible Dead-end Covers 1


  • Flexible Crossarm Covers: Made from weather-resistant orange Type II rubber with Class 2 and Class 4 insulation rating. Fit crossarm sizes up to 102x114mm or 140x152mm. Used to avoid placing jumper cable or conductor encased in line hose directly in contact with a crossarm. Reduce electrical stresses on line hose or jumpers. Ribbed on the inside to minimise sliding along the crossarm
Flexible Crossarm Covers


  • Flexible Cut-out Covers: Made from orange corona-resistant synthetic rubber with Class 2 and Class 4 insulation rating. Secured with blanket clamp pins. Suitable for use on overhead cut-outs as well as underground pad-mounted systems.


Flexible Cut-out Covers


  • Rubber Insulating Blankets: Solid or slotted. Their flexibility makes them ideal for covering irregular shapes. Normally used in combination with rigid or flexible covers. Available in sizes ranging from 22x22cm to 117 x 117cm. Dielectric rating from low voltage to Class 4 (36 kV phase-to-phase) Some models feature Velcro strips as an optional fastening system.
Rubber Insulating Blankets


  • Rubber Insulating Roll Blankets: Made from high-strength fabric reinforced Type II orange, yellow or maroon rubber with Class 00, Class 0 and Class 1 insulator ratings. Can be cut to the right size and shape for each spec application. Class 1 roll blanket also available in clear PVC material to provide complete visibility. Flame resistant, flexible and easy to cut.
Rubber Insulating Roll Blankets PVCRubber Insulating Roll Blankets


  • Blanket Clamp Pins: Made of nylon material with rubber ends to avoid damaging the blanket. Extra holes grip conductor and prevent line hose from sliding. Some models allow application with a Grip-all stick.
Blanket Clamp Pins


Blancket Accessories

  • Buttons



  • Magnetic Fasteners



Magnetic fasteners
  • Rubber Straps with Hook-and-Pyle end fasteners




Rubber Straps
  • Canisters and Rollup Covers








Canisters and Rollup Covers

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