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Dow Corning 3099 HVIC Compound

Dow Corning 3099 HVIC (high voltage insulator coating) Compound is a grease-like silicone coating especially formulated to give long-term resistance to water filming and flashover to insulators exposed to high voltage corona stress, ultraviolet light, water erosion and particulate contamination.

In addition to a high level of flashover resistance, Dow Corning 3099 HVIC Compound contains an arc-resistant filler that inhibits arc growth. This helps protect the insulator from glaze damage when the coating’s water repellency is diminished and arcing takes place.Dow Corning 3099 HVIC Compound


Another major feature of Dow Corning 3099 HVIC Compound is its ease of handling. It spreads easily, is not stringy, and shows good adhesion to properly prepared insulators. Its grey, opaque colour makes it easy to check for a uniform coating by simple visual inspection.

Dow Corning 3099 can be spray applied by diluting with a suitable amount of solvent.

The product hardly changes in consistency under field conditions. Even when saturated with large quantities of contamination particles, it remains soft and can be removed with rags or paper towel. No heat or excessive force is required for its removal.

Dow Corning 3099 has a shelf life of 60 months from its date of manufacture and, since it is not classified as a hazardous material, it is subject to no shipping restrictions.

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