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ECE - 3650 Sylgard

The new silicone ECE - 3650 sylgard complies with the REACH standards and is a reliable, cost-effective long-term solution to pollution-induced flashover problems.

The market-leading High Voltage Insulator Coating from Dow Corning

  • Replaces traditional silicone grease coatings in problem locations
    Electrical Substation(coastal areas, industrial sites, etc).

    Sylgard is an RTV (room-temperature vulcanising) silicone elastomer that can be sprayed on insulators and hardens to a rubber coating on the insulator surface. Traditional silicone greases, which act by absorbing contaminant particles, eventually become saturated (requiring labour-intensive cleaning and re-application operations every 1-3 years on average.)

  • Its long-term service life (averaging 10 years or more of maintenance-free performance)) delivers superior cost-effectiveness over traditional silicone grease coatings.
    Since the product cures after spraying to form a solid elastomer coating, contaminants are not absorbed and hence the coating does not become is the case with silicone grease products. The effective service life of ECE - 3650 Sylgard depends on a number of factors (insulator design, pollution type and intensity, etc) but in most cases it can be expected to provide 10 years of uninterrupted, maintenance-free flashover protection. The coating’s elastomeric properties allow it to absorb the impact of wind-driven particles (e.g. sand) without wear or damage.

- How  does ECE 3650 Sylgard act?

The cured product has a high hydrophobicity angle, causing moisture to bead up on the insulator surface instead of forming a continuous water film, which would give rise to surface leakage in the presence of contaminants.

Moreover, the product contains non-reactive, “cyclic” polymer fluids that migrate to the surface and encapsulate contaminant particles, rendering them hydrophobic.

Since the coating keeps surface leaking in check, no tracking takes place. However, under extreme environmental conditions, the ATH (Aluminum Tri-Hydrate) also present in ECE - 3650 Sylgard’s formulation releases on heating. This has a cooling effect, thereby inhibiting arcing and preventing surface damage due to tracking.

New ECE - 3650 SylgardECE - 3650 Sylgard after 10 years
Newly applied ECE - 3650 Sylgard.           ECE - 3650 Sylgard after 10 years’ field service

The above images show the high hydrophobicity exhibited by this Sylgard-coated insulator despite the strong accumulation of iron oxide over the course of ten years at the  Tod Point  (UK)  substation  exposed to  contamination from a nearby Steelworks.

ECE - 3650 Sylgard application - Application
Usually applied by spraying in de-energised conditions, although a brush can be used for coating small areas and for touching up. The insulator surface must be perfectly dry and clean (to maximise adhesion and avoid any surface leaking under the coating). A drying period of around 20 minutes (depending on heat and humidity conditions) is required between successive coats, building the thickness to a minimum of 0,5mm.

NOTE: Dow Corning’s warranty for any ECE - 3650 Sylgard application is subject to proper application by fully trained and approved applicators, following strict quality standards, in order to ensure long-term incident-free performance.

ECE - 3650 Sylgard application Effective against any kind of pollution
ECE - 3650 Sylgard has a track record of proven effectiveness against the majority of contaminant  materials, including iron ore dust and graphite.

- No Maintenance Required
Sylgard is essentially maintenance-free, even if certain decolouration and contamination build up on the surface is observed. Sylgard’s molecular properties ensure sustained hydrophobicity in such conditions. Washing should only be performed when an increase in electrical activities or a substantial reduction in hydrophobicity is observed.
ECE - 3650 Sylgard applicationClose-up view of insulators after cleaning, showing the Sylgard coating in perfect condition.

- Cost Effectiveness
Sylgard is initially more expensive than traditional silicone grease products. However, it requires a lower coating thickness and, since application labour costs are a major factor, substantial cost savings are achieved over the long terms. In terms of total costs, traditional silicone grease products overtake Sylgard when the silicone grease becomes saturated and needs to be reapplied.

- Shelf Life:
Up to 12 months from date of manufacture.

- New ECE - 3650 Sylgard+The improved formulation of ECE - 3650 Sylgard+ allows  easier spraying and  enhanced performance features (notably, the insulator surface hydrophobic recovery time after washing or heavy rain is considerably lower).

- Sylgard users around the world.
- ECE - 3650 Sylgard Application Case Study at Iberdrola Substation in Rocamora (Alicante- Spain)

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