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Terex XML Insulated Aerial Device
Products with marking
On all TEREX TELELECT units available in Europe, both the elevating platform itself and its mounting on all the major chassis brands are CE marked, thereby ensuring full compliance with current legal and regulatory requirements in any EU country


Terex® Hi-Ranger Aerial Devices are known throughout the industry.
They come with a long history featuring quality and innovative design and features.

Standard Equipment

Terex XML Series
  • 24” x 30” x 42” Single Side Mounted Platform.
  • Platform Capacities Up To 700 lbs.
  • Control-Plus “3-D” Single Stick.
  • Category “C” Rating Per ANSI A92.2.
  • Two Speed Throttle Control At Boom Tip.
  • Hydraulic Platform Tilt For Rescue and Clean Out At Platform & At Lower Controls.
  • Full Pressure, Open Center Hydraulic System.
  • 35 Gallon Hydraulic Oil Reservoir.
  • Safety Harness(es) With Attached Lanyand.
  • COMP-SELECT™Upper Boom Compensation.
  • 110°Lower Boom ArticulationF.
  • 194°Upper Boom Articulation.
  • Master / Slave Leveling.
  • Individual Lever Lower Controls.
  • Boom Interlock.
  • Moving Outrigger Alarm.

*Dual Platforms are NOT available


Capacities and Dimensional Data Terex XML


Optional Equipment

  • 24” x 48” x 42” Two-Person Side Mount Platform.
  • Various Types Of Outriggers.
  • Engine Stop/Start At Platform.
  • Auxiliary Lowering Or Auxiliary Power System.
  • Category “B” Rating Per ANSI A92.2.
  • Hydraulic Articulating Jib.
  • Hydraulic Tool Outlets Above & Below Rotation.
  • Hydraulic Jib Extension Under Load.
  • 2,000 lb. Full Drum Capacity Jib Winch.
  • Single and Multiple Phase Lifters.
  • Platform Liners, Floor Liners, & Platform Covers.
  • 24” Platform Lift.
  • 100°And 120°Lower Boom Articulation.
  • Boom/Boom Stow Interlock.
  • Boom Overstow Protection.
  • Truck Grounding Cable Clamp.
  • 46 KV Conductor Lifter.
  • Hydraulic Lifts: 13 ft. and 15 ft.



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