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Grounding Equipment


Grounding Clamps (see catalog for electrical and mechanical characteristics)
  • C-Type -Bronze or Aluminium (17 models)
  • Bus bar Grounding Clamps - Aluminium. Up to 162 mm jaw opening.
  • Duckbill Type Clamps - Aluminium.
  • Tower & Flat-Face Grounding Clamps - Bronze or aluminium (10 models)
  • Duckbill Type Clamps - Aluminium.
  • All-angle Grounding Clamps – Jaws pivot 75º left or right, for easier installation. Aluminium body with serrated jaws.
C-Type Clamp
Duckbill Type Clamp
All-angle Clamp
C-Type Clamp
Duckbill Type Clamp
All-angle Clamp


Ready-Assembled Grounding Sets
  • Overhead Distribution Grounding Sets: Consisting of clamp, cable and accessories. Include all necessary equipment for many types of distribution structures( up to 69kV).
  • Substation Grounding Sets: Complete set for grounding substation bus bars for de-energised maintenance operations.
    • Includes large-capacity clamps, available mounted on sticks to reach any manageable height.
    • Shepherd hook lift stick with block and rope assembly available to increase lifting capability.
    • Hotstick mounted clamps with 114mm or 164mm bus capacity.
    • Cables, ferrules, small grounding clamps etc are supplied separately.
Assembled Grounding Sets Assembled Grounding Sets


Support Studs
  • Can be installed on any ground clamp. The stud serves as a mechanical parking stand for a second clamp, preventing the clamp from making contact with the conductor or ground. Particularly useful in three-phase grounding jobs.
Support Studs

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