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Hugh de KobbeKobbeco S.A. was founded in 1970 by Hugh de Kobbe, an experienced professional in the electrical, industrial and railway industries. Following his death in 2004 Kobbeco has remained a family business.

Kobbeco is currently carrying out a major modernisation and reorganisation effort aimed at providing a swifter, more efficient and comprehensive service, while maintaining dedication, commitment and client service among its fundamental values.




The following are some of the milestones in this ongoing process:
  • 2006: Kobbeco became an ISO 9001 certified company (See current certificate)
  • 2007: Kobbeco sets up a testing facility for insulated gloves and sleeves, subsequently extended to include aerial devices, cover-up kit and hotsticks.
  • 2008: Terex Utilities appoints Kobbeco its exclusive distributor for Spain.
  • 2010 : Terex Utilities appoints Kobbeco its exclusive distributor for France and Portugal and gives Kobbeco the role of European Manager.

Kobbeco staff
Kobbeco staff at a meeting

Kobbeco’s Lines of Business

- Latchways plc

- Hubbell-Chance
- Terex-Telelect Insulated Aerial Devices, Insulator Washers, Digger Derricks , Auger Dril & Accessories
- Salisbury Insulated Gloves and Protection Equipment
- Dow Corning’s Sylgard HVIC and Silicone Grease for Insulators
- Others (Klein, Fairmont, HD Electric, PTI, etc)
- Accessories
- Testing, Maintenance and Repair Services

Our Strong Points
  • Knowledge of the Industry
    Our track record of 40 years in the power industry, dealing with major utilities and contractors, vouches for our knowledge and experience.
  • Versatility
    KOBBECO is always looking for new suppliers and products to meet its client’s needs and broaden its range of products. Additionally Kobbeco staff have undergone continous training to provide specialised services such as testing , maintenance and repair work.
  • Close Relationship and Permanent Contact with the Manufacturers.
    Their technical specialists are always available to answer any question regarding product features or applications.
  • More than Just a Sales Point
    Kobbeco is the official distributor of the brands it represents, thereby ensuring the full validity of the manufacturer’s warranty or swift replacement in the event of a product recall. Moreover, we do our utmost to provide all the information requested by our clients on aspects including legislation and standards, Hotline training, international events, etc.)

  • More than just a service Point
    Testing and maintenance procedures are carried out as per manufacturer´s recommendations, for which specific training courses in the US have been attended by Kobbeco staff and additional experts consulted.

Kobbeco’s Strategic Policy

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